Private Classes
55per class
  • 1hr individual online class.
  • Fully customisable to your flexibility goals.
  • Personalised training plan.
  • Access to tutorials, exclusive promotions and more.
6 Weeks Splits
45per class for a six week term
  • 55 minute individual class per week for a 6 week term.
  • Personalised training plan.
  • Progress tracking and guaranteed results.
  • Access to tutorials, exclusive promotions and more.
Quick Splits (Lite)
30per class for a four week term
  • 30 minute individual class per week for a 4 week term.
  • Do your own warm up, we jump straight into targeted flexibility.
  • Perfect workout session for your busy life.
  • Access to tutorials, exclusive promotions and more.


All terms include lots of exercises, personalised homework and tips on how to get and maintain your splits!
Want to do it with a friend? Group classes are available with a recruit-a-friend discount! Just contact me for bookings, questions or any other information!





If you have an enquiry about performances, my services or just want to say hi, I’d love to hear from you!







Cork / Dublin

Kathleen is a fabulous teacher! She's supportive and encouraging, her words and work were really inspiring! she loves what she does and you can feel it!



Dublin / Ireland

Had an amazing private hoop workshop with Kathleen last weekend - I came away armed with some really useful tips and so much more confident ! She s an Aerial Wizard!



Dublin / Ireland

Body friendly, fun and accessible to anyone. Kathleen really adapts the moves for your special case and takes time with everyone. There was very different levelS in the workshop and we all had fun, thank you so much for this beautiful day!



Dublin / Ireland

Kat is a stretching genius. I have never felt safer or more comfortable in a flex class. She has lots of magic tricks to loosen up muscles you didn't even know existed. I highly recommend Kat's classes to anyone wanting to get bendier.



Leeds / United Kingdom

The group classes are fantastic, with loads of feedback and encouragement given to everyone, and one-to-ones are really tailored to your individual goals. Definitely as good as her studio classes and all from the comfort of your home!