Someone once called me a feisty redheaded powerhouse. My hair colour might change but my performances always stay passionate and true to my art. 

I started training in ballet from a very young age followed by a smooth transition into contemporary dance and later the aerial arts. I have toured to places such as South Korea, Hong Kong, Europe and the USA with various companies like Dance Theatre of Ireland and Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Company and at events like the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, and the Ryder Cup.

My style in dance blends graceful flow and flexibility with the strength and fearlessness of the aerial arts. I love working on the concept behind the act and I obsess over the quality of movement and transitions that really come to life in the aerial arts. The calm is always present in the storm of the spin. I love being absolutely present in a moment and getting to share this on stage is a joy.

I perform and offer services in aerial hoop, silks, dance and an assortment of other aerial artforms. Each performance tailored to the theme, concept or mood of each particular event. I also offer regular private classes, workshops and weekly classes in various studios as well as classes through an innovative and popular online flexibility program. Some of my previous clients include Google, Mercedes-Benz, Guinness, Boeing and Quinta do Lago and, of course, every single student that I ever had the pleasure to teach!




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